SJSC Latvian Road Maintenance is a strategic state-owned road infrastructure maintenance company that handles the daily maintenance of roads and streets, and produces construction materials, such as crushed dolomite stone, crushed gravel, and sand.


We have more than 20 years of professional experience. We employ more than 1000 people. We have access to a fleet of specialised machinery for seasonal work - more than 700 vehicles, 500 units of tractor machinery, and various special equipment.


Mission: SJSC Latvian Road Maintenance is a reliable, stable, and experienced company that, with the help of its highly skilled employees and modern technologies, performs comprehensive daily road maintenance in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way, everywhere in Latvia.

Vision: SJSC Latvian Road Maintenance is the first choice as a road infrastructure maintenance company in the country.



We base our everyday work on the values we prize:


  • Professionalism. We uphold professionalism in our daily work and in our attitude towards the tasks we perform, as well as our partners and clients.
  • Reliability. The services we provide are of high quality; they meet the preferences and expectations of our clients. We also take the interests of the general public and the environment into account.
  • Good reputation. We are a company you can build a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with. We value the honest and sincere attitude of our employees in their relations with their colleagues and with our clients and partners.

100% of the shares of our company are owned by the state, with the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia as the holder of the shares.




The aims of SJSC Latvian Road Maintenance include providing quality services to its clients, maintaining a safe working environment for its employees, and being a reliable partner for the suppliers and manufacturers of materials and equipment. Latvian Road Maintenance is certified in line with international ISO standards regulating the fields of quality, environmental and energy management, as well as occupational health and safety.




SJSC Latvian Road Maintenance was included in the platinum category of the Sustainability Index (‘Ilgtspējas indekss’) for the fourth time in a row. The Sustainability Index assesses the company’s strategy, working environment, market relations, environmental and societal impact, which results in an evaluation of the company that meets international requirements.


The Family-Friendly Workplace 2023 (‘Ģimenei draudzīga darbavieta 2023’) initiative is led by the Society Integration Foundation. The status was received for the first time in 2021 and it was granted for two years. The organisers assessed the company’s HR policy and working environment, to determine how sustainable it is, and how orientated it is towards providing a good work-life balance for its employees.

The purpose of the initiative is to encourage the development of family-friendly working environments in Latvia and to boost the public’s understanding of what a family-friendly workplace means.


SJSC Latvian Road Maintenance attained the gold category in the Safest Company Fleet 2022 (‘Drošākais uzņēmuma autoparks 2022’) competition organised by the Ministry of Transport and the Balta insurance company.